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by Alaina Mabaso

Desmin and Jania Daniels, a Mt. Airy couple getting ready to open Germantown’s newest restaurant, have found inspiration in the joys and grief of family life Desmin, 32, was born in South Philadelphia and grew up in Mt. Airy, shopping with this grandmother every week on Chelten Avenue. He met Jania, 31, a Manhattan native, when they were both attending Syracuse University, and the couple married in 2006, the same year they moved to the Philadelphia area together.


Philly Black Book

Located on the streets of 322 W Chelten Ave located in Philadelphia PA, you’ll see a beautiful restaurant known as Rose Petals Cafe. Many may have not heard of this cafe, this is why we are creating this website to help businesses like Rose Petal Cafe stand out more. Owned by a african american man that goes by the name of Desmin Daniel and his wife, his cafe is described as one where you can have a quick bite and one that has great desserts. Not only that but Rose Petal Cafe also provides free wifi, a child entertainment room, and speciality smoothies.


Kolumn magazine


We specialize in breakfast & lunch 6 days a week (Tuesday – Sunday); and offer a fusion of latin & soul dinner on Friday & Saturday evenings. We feature free wifi accessibility, a child-centered entertainment room and a speciality smoothie bar. This restaurant was created in memory of our sister who was taken through a domestic violence act. As we serve Germantown we strive to bring people in this community together as a family by serving fresh ingredients while providing a safe, friendly and warm space for all to enjoy!


Lianne McCluskey: Nutrition Explorer

It was a brisk, Sunday afternoon, the January breeze stinging my skin as I stepped out of my friend Carolan’s car. Snowbanks lined the streets and buried cars as we walked up Chelten Avenue in Germantown, exploring the different restaurant options along the sidewalk. There was the usual convenient meals the neighborhood has to offer for low-income families: a Burger King, gas station, a cheap, run-down pizza shop. Not exactly what one might consider nutritious. However, among the many shops, one stood out from the rest.


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by Angelique O'Rourke

At Rose Petals Cafe, in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, co-founders Jania and Desmin Daniels are dedicated to creating unique and delicious food.

“I’m Puerto Rican and my husband’s African-American, so we formulate a dinner menu that merges those things,” Jania says of their menu, which is inspired by a fusion of cultures. They also feature an extensive breakfast menu, with creative offerings like catfish and cornbread waffles.