Desmin Daniels

Desmin is the Chief Creator and Cook at Rose Petals Cafe and Lounge. He developed as a homegrown chef while training under his late grandmother Linda Henderson. Desmin hails from the Mt. Airy section of the northwest. Desmin has always had a passion for cooking, and has begun instructionally learning the art through taking classes at the Restaurant School in Philadelphia. Because of a multi-cultural family dynamic Desmin has been learning many forms of cooking, specializing in the fusion of Latin and Soul food to cater to the needs of his own family dynamic.

Along with working towards being an executive chef, Desmin also has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Syracuse University. Most recently Desmin was an integral member of the School District of Philadelphia as a teacher/administrator. Each position has helped Desmin develop the vision for his dream of opening a restaurant that will make a difference.

Jania Daniels

Jania Daniels started her career as a food service manager in Syracuse, NY that provided many valuable opportunities to learn about training, development, quality control and hospitality. Working in a fast paced food court that served a variety of popular fast food options gave Jania the experience necessary to understand how crucial it is to have a cohesive back and front of the house in her own restaurant. Along with this valuable experience, Jania also has a B.S. in Human Services from Springside College as well as a M.S. in Urban Education from Mercy College. Jania served as an Elementary & Middle School Special Education Teacher for 8 years in NYC and Philadelphia. The last 4 years Jania has been dedicated to blending her license as a Realtor in PA with the expansion and development of Rose Petals. All of her previous experiences have helped Jania develop the necessary motivation, passion and drive to create a restaurant that is freshingly unique and appealing to all that have the pleasure of enjoying it with her. Jania also has three young children ages 10, 8 and 1 and lives in Mt. Airy with her husband Desmin.


In dedication of our beloved sister Rosa’Lyn Daniels.